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Business of…Some of the Most Memorable Mascots

Dubai Summer Surprises starts today. It’s the time when the city is littered with glow worms. So which mascots inspire Kipps’ nightma, uh we mean, dreams? Check out this list.

June 21, 2011 4:51 by

Modhesh, the Glow Worm

On a more local note, Dubai has been known for its annual festival that brings people from all over the globe within the months of July to September. With ten weeks of excitement and entertainment, the DSS (Dubai Summer Surprises) has finally arrived! The representative of this is Modhesh the Glow Worm. He has become hugely popular among children and infamous among adults since DSS first launched in 1998. The happy glow worm takes similar characteristics from other mascots such as Disney’s, Mickey Mouse, with caricatured features such as hands and feet. The whole idea behind the mascot and the festivals is so that Dubai isn’t known for just its luxury, rather, portraying the city as a family holiday destination bringing in more tourists.


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