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Business of…Some of the Most Memorable Mascots

Dubai Summer Surprises starts today. It’s the time when the city is littered with glow worms. So which mascots inspire Kipps’ nightma, uh we mean, dreams? Check out this list.

June 21, 2011 4:51 by

World's most recognised mascot

Who’s the most widely known mascot, you ask? Well, it is said that 68 percent of children AND adults recognise Ronald McDonald of fast food chain McDonald’s when given a description. Originally created by Willard Scott, a local radio personality, Ronald is now shown to be interacting with children within their everyday lives. Regardless of bad press concerning their lack of good quality food, McDonalds, “now with real chicken”, still makes an income of roughly $ 24.075 billion a year! But why? McDonalds original mascot, “Speeddee”, (a miniature man with a hamburger head dressed as a chef), was replaced by Ronald in 1967, which was when the money really started to roll in. The red headed clown gained a huge fan base and in result of this McDonald’s became what it is today.


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