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Business of…Public Transport

As the RTA contemplates on giving us the 250kph Superbus and Qatar test runs a public bike sharing system, Kipp looks at the most vehicles that have become an integral part of our urban jungle.

April 12, 2011 4:55 by


Any avid Kipp reader will know that we’re a fan of the Dubai Metro and can’t wait for the Greenline to open.

When the Metro opened in September last year (remember 09-09-09?), the RTA set itself a goal of getting 30 per cent of the city’s population using public transport by 2020. That figure is just a little more than six per cent when the metro opened. Costing the emirates about $7.6billion, let’s hope they reach that target.

Meanwhile, the $11 billion Etihad Railway network is expected to extend up to 1,200km in length, connecting the Emirates and linking the UAE to Saudi Arabia (via Ghweifat) in the west and to Oman (via Al Ain) in the east.

Overall, the GCC is spending more than $100 billion on rail projects across the region as they tackle poor public transports networks and growing populations.

Saudi Arabia, for example, is spending an estimated $U25 billion on its rail network, adding 3900 km of tracks through three major projects.

In addition, Bahrain was studying the possibility of an $8 billion railway project stretching over 184 km, including a mix of light rail trains, monorails, trams and other systems. These investments were part of plans to link Bahrain and Qatar with a bridge, a project which is stalled due to political tensions.

Yemen, on the other hand, is also said to launch a $3.5 billion rail project as part of plans to upgrade infrastructure in the war-torn country. The 2500 km passenger and cargo network will run from the Saudi border along the Yemeni coast, passing through the main port of Aden, to Oman, where it will join the network linking the six GCC countries.


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  1. MK on April 13, 2011 11:33 am

    It’s been almost three years since I’ve sold my car…I’ve been relying mostly on car pool and public transport (mainly taxi&metro) and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.
    For those people who’re skeptical about the public transport in the UAE, particulary in Dubai, I suggest they give it a try for a week, before raising their eyebrows!
    We all know that we could do with fewer cars on the roads.


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