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Business of…Public Transport

As the RTA contemplates on giving us the 250kph Superbus and Qatar test runs a public bike sharing system, Kipp looks at the most vehicles that have become an integral part of our urban jungle.

April 12, 2011 4:55 by


If you’ve been glued to the UITP public transport conference, first Kipp commends your dedication to a subject that doesn’t float everybody’s boat. Secondly, you would have most likely heard about the bus on steroids that’s been on display throughout the conference.

The 250-kmh ‘superbus concept’ promises to take passengers from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and back in an hour—yes, that’s 30 minutes per ride.

Carrying 23 passengers on a dedicated “speed track”, the vehicle’s its European designers as the shape of things to come in sustainable transport.

The Superbus is 15 meters long and has eight doors on each side. It would run on a dedicated two-lane highway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and leave the “speed track” in urban areas to drop off passengers at selected locations.

The electric-powered bus and limo hybrid is being touted as a high-speed luxury link between the two cities. Although Kipp’s delighted to hear the travel time will be cut down by two-thirds, we’re not so sure how safe we’ll feel about the person behind the wheel of a bus that goes 250kph—especially on a highway that’s seen two 100+ car pile ups in two years.


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  1. MK on April 13, 2011 11:33 am

    It’s been almost three years since I’ve sold my car…I’ve been relying mostly on car pool and public transport (mainly taxi&metro) and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.
    For those people who’re skeptical about the public transport in the UAE, particulary in Dubai, I suggest they give it a try for a week, before raising their eyebrows!
    We all know that we could do with fewer cars on the roads.


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