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Businesses in UAE must be responsible

Businesses in UAE must be responsible

Customer complaints in this country all too often fall on deaf ears, as a couple of recent cases demonstrate. Companies operating in the UAE need to shape up, thinks Samuel Potter.

January 12, 2011 1:53 by

Another story in the headlines the same week underlines the point. Friend of Kipp, Mona Ameen, was on the front page of Seven Days and has also featured in Xpress, after she was scarred by a beauty treatment at a Dubai salon. A Bangladeshi national based in Dubai, she took up an online deal for a 90 percent discount for three sessions of laser hair removal at Moksha Salon on Oud Metha Road. The first session went fine, but after the second session she wound up with second degree burns. She had to be treated with morphine for the pain. “I did not want to go the police initially as I thought the matter would be settled amicably. I trusted the salon owner to take responsibility for her action,” said Ameen. After the salon owner failed to handle her complaint satisfactorily, Ameen wound up filing a police complaint and alerting the media. According to Xpress, this eventually provoked some action, with the salon suspending treatments.

Once again, as a consumer Ameen was not pursuing some vindictive crusade, she just wanted accountability. “My issue is not about money. I want action,” she told the papers. She didn’t want anyone else to fall victim. Like her, Kipp can accept that companies don’t always get it right – no one does. But when you get it wrong you have to hold your hands up and take responsibility, particularly when you have taken money and let someone down. This is something that companies in the UAE seemingly have no concept of.

Fortunately, as Ameen has skillfully demonstrated, in the modern media age, it is easy to spread the word, and businesses can soon get their comeuppance. They need to learn this, and adjust their approach suitably. Kipp and the people aren’t asking for perfection, just some accountability. We are, after all, your bread and butter.

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  1. Laurent on January 27, 2011 9:18 am

    Surprising that these had trouble making this compaint! I have been buying Hero Baby for the last two years for my sons and last year, i had found a chunkier piece of Banana in the Hero Baby Banana which was otherwise, more blended. I had just informed spinneys management, given them the sample and 4 days later i got a call from Hero’s office in spain that they recieved the sample. They sent a complete investigation report along with a apology note / gift hamper and assured made sure that such an incident would never happen again. Similarly, there have been a couple of instances where my family / friends and myself have had to complaint and overall our experience in the regieon has left us greatly impressed !! i think a lot of cosumers have, over time learnt to consistently abuse their rights !!


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