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Celebrating a billion people is very special to me – Mark Zuckerberg (Video)


Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the largest social network on Earth, shares a new video and positive sentiments to celebrate a billion members...

October 4, 2012 4:41 by

Facebook, despite being the largest and most dominant social network in the world, has recently been under scrutiny and heavy fire. The company, along with its chief and face, Mark Zuckerberg have been bashed with everything from floppy IPO results, invasive advertising, bot-driven data to privacy settings and layout visuals.

Kipp thinks they, like everyone else, deserve a break. Today is their day when they celebrate the connecting of one billion people around the globe and they have made quite an impressionable video to commemorate their achievement.

Facebook announced today that one billion people are using the platform at least once a month. Since its launch, 1.13 trillion likes and 140.3 billion friend connections were generated, with 219 billion photos shared since the launch of this application in the fall of 2005, which represent the total number of photos currently on the site, excluding deleted photos. Facebook also revealed that 17 billion check-ins were made, which included location-tagged posts.

New users joining in the same week as the one billion milestone are averagely 22 years old. The top five connected countries around the time of the milestone were (alphabetical order) Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the United States. Facebook currently has 600 million mobile users.

Below is Mark Zuckerberg’s excerpt:

Celebrating a billion people is very special to me. It’s a moment to honor the people we serve.
For the first time in our history, we’ve made a brand video to express what our place is on this earth.

We believe that the need to open up and connect is what makes us human. It’s what brings us together. It’s what brings meaning to our lives.

Facebook isn’t the first thing people have made to help us connect. We belong to a rich tradition of people making things that bring us together.

Today, we honor this tradition. We honor the humanity of the people we serve. We honor the everyday things people have always made to bring us together: Chairs, doorbells, airplanes, bridges, games. These are all things that connect us. And now Facebook is a part of this tradition of things that connect us too.I hope you enjoy this video as much as we do.

Thanks for helping connect a billion people.



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