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Charity in the UAE

Charity in the UAE

Kipp asked a tough poll question: when was the last time you gave to charity, and how much did you give? The results are in.

September 21, 2010 3:18 by

The UAE is a global leader in giving aid, according to the World Bank. The country apparently ranks as one the world’s most generous contributors to foreign aid over the last four decades, reports the National.

But while the World Bank may have a good view of how generous the government is, the World Giving Index, published by the Charities Aid Foundation, gives some insight into the generosity of individuals. It used Gallup surveys of 195,000 people in 153 nations, asking whether people had donated to charity or volunteered to help a stranger in the past month. The result is an index of how generous each country’s residents are. So where does the UAE sit on this measure?

Not too comfortably, as it turns out. We are 54th in the ranking, below such wealthy countries as Guatemala, Malawi, Somalia and Haiti. According to the index, 40 percent of people in the UAE had given money to charity in the month before the survey, and just 14 percent had volunteered for an organization. Although a healthy 54 percent of people claimed to have helped a stranger in the previous month.

Kipp decided to ask UAE residents about their generosity. Our poll asked: When was the last time you donated to charity, and how much did you give? And the results are in.

The good news is, the vast majority of respondents said they had given to charity within the last month. Kipp expected no less – with the month of Ramadan just behind us, a time of charity and giving, it seemed likely. Sixty-nine percent of Kipp readers have given to charity within the last four weeks, according to the responses. Good for them, we say.

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