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Chatting with the man behind Dubai City Pass

Vali 'Shekson' talks about social media, creativity and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

December 11, 2012 1:31 by

How has DCP been lately? What challenges have you been facing?

I think I’ve seen many of the classic challenges that Entrepreneurs face. It’s hard work bringing an idea from the drawing board to reality. And then you spend lots of time refining and improving your company.  It’s a process of perpetual evolution and improvement. I think it’s an ongoing challenge as you work to evolve and refine and improve. We are looking for investor from all interested parties to expand the concept especially in the Gulf States

You have over 280,000 followers on Twitter (Dubai City Pass), almost 22,000 on Facebook and almost 90,000 on your personal Twitter. Was that just organic growth or did you aim for it?

We are using different social platform(s) to grow our audience like Twitter, Facebook and instagram

I am curious to know, why there are more followers on your personal Twitter than on Facebook. Do you consider yourself more adapt on Twitter?

I’m spending much more time on Twitter than Facebook lately and enjoying Twitter very much because there’s no better way to find out fast what, if anything, is happening in the world, from your backyard to the other side of the Earth

Instagram is great way to expose your brand to a large audience, providing great content, at the right place and right time attract new followers to Twitter and Facebook , Photo sharing has become an increasingly popular I have 200,000 followers on my personal instagram @shekson

How important is social media to 1) You personally and 2) growth and interaction of the company?

Personally, I enjoy social media as an outlet that enables me to stay well-connected with family and friends. As an entrepreneur, I live a busy life, so it would be easy to lose touch. Social media enables me to stay in tune with the people in my life.

Professionally, social media plays an extremely vital role and that role is becoming more and more pronounced with time. As an entrepreneur, social media enables you to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, colleagues, peers, distributors and so forth. Your company’s social media accounts are an ideal way to connect with your target audience, consumers, potential clients – everyone, really! And that connection has a more fun, informal quality, so it’s a “low pressure” marketing approach that works extremely well.

Social media is an important part of life for so many people, so it only makes sense that our marketing strategy will include social media!

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