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Coca-Cola says no more ads for children

Children drinking coca-cola

Soda giant plans on distributing low-calorie drinks across the globe

May 9, 2013 6:21 by

For a multi-national corporation that focuses primarily on producing sugar-stuffed beverages, Coca-Cola is making major declarations that can be arguably difficult to live up to.

For one, they’ve promised to help combat obesity – after facing heavy allegations and criticism that they in fact, are major contributors to the epidemic – by no longer advertising or marketing to children under the age of 12.

Secondly, they will be transparently labeling all their products with calorie counts; a promise they originally made in 2009 and say they have now fulfilled. Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, the company plans to offer low or no-calorie drinks in every one of the 200 markets they operate in.

Muhtar Kent, CEO, is working on changing the (incorrect?) perception that Coca-Cola contributes to obesity, specifically in America. He adds that currently, the world’s largest beverage company does not have ‘healthier’ versions of their product consistently across the world and that needs to change.

“The key here is to ensure that in every market where we operate to have no- or low-calorie beverages of our main brands available,” he said. “We all know that taking in calories is more fun than spending calories and we want to make  spending calories also a little bit of fun.”

A 16-ounce bottle of Coca-Cola contains 210 calories while a Coke Zero, a diet version of the drink, contains zero calories.

If you ask Kipp, while referring to their contribution to obesity as ‘major’ may be purely subjective, all companies producing sugar-laden products are, whether they like it or not, contributors in some shape or form.

To cease all adverts and marketing efforts targeted at children is a good move, nobody can deny that, but frankly, the idea that this initiative somehow encapsulates the solution is slightly ludicrous. Perhaps their efforts would be worthwhile knocking some sense into irresponsible parents.


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