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Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage

Maintenance is key to improving the reputation of the UAE’s property sector. Why isn’t more attention being paid to the upkeep of popular developments?

March 22, 2011 3:34 by

Ever heard people saying the UAE is falling apart? And though Kipp’s a pedant for hyperbole, considering recent developments (or lack of) in the city’s up and coming neighbourhoods we feel the statement is borderline justified.

Consider the pools of water and surrounding muddy banks near residential areas around the Greece Cluster in International City. Not only are the pools of stagnant water unhygienic and unsightly, but they have also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and rats. Yet, as Emirates 24|7 reports, the residents are still in the dark about where all the water is coming from. Some speculate that it is a sewage overflow from the drains while others think it maybe “illegal water waste being dumped in the nearby lake that is overflowing into the residential complex areas”.

Meanwhile, Discovery Gardens residents are in the opposite end of the spectrum. Apparently, the affordable accommodations have had their water supply cut for the past three days on account of Nakheel’s non-payment of water bills. Though the water connection has been restored in Discovery Gardens, many residents are outraged with inconveniences the outage caused.

But it’s not just in Dubai that residents have been complaining of shoddy maintenance from the landlords and developers. Consider the case of 40 residents of an Abu Dhabi Gate City compound who have been given just two days to move out of their brand new water front homes because the municipality has ordered to have the partitions in their villas torn down.

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