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Colleagues we hate

Colleagues we hate

You probably spend more time with them than with your spouse or kids, so what do you do if you’re stuck with one of these “most annoying” colleagues? Read Kipp’s tips.

August 9, 2010 3:39 by

We all know at least one annoying colleague. It’s part and parcel of life in an office or professional working environment. You have to work with various people, and inevitably at least one of them is going to rub you up the wrong way.

It’s not as if you’re asking for perfection, either. According to Kipp’s poll, all you’re asking for are some basic forms of decency and professionalism. We asked, what type of colleague annoys you the most? And the results are in.

Top of the list, by a distance, are back stabbers. Kipp readers hate them, with a chunky 34 percent calling them the most annoying colleague. See below for a few tips on how to deal with this most dangerous office menace.

Claiming second, but only just ahead of third, are stupid or lazy workers – 21 percent of Kipp readers find them the most annoying colleagues. They narrowly beat out noise makers or incessant talkers (20 percent). In fourth place are colleagues with bad hygiene (which leads Kipp to believe only 11 percent of Kipp readers have had to deal with such a colleague. Because once you have, there’s no way this wouldn’t top your list).

And in joint last place, with just 7 percent of votes each, are noisy eaters and the boss’s pet. Eaters may be annoying, but they are nothing to a boss’s pet. Let Kipp tell you: against a boss’s pet you are powerless, as we explain below.

If you have a colleague who is testing your patience, here are a few options, gleaned from the internet, for dealing with them:

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