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Comment of the Week: Abu Dhabi is better than Dubai

Comment of the Week: Abu Dhabi is better than Dubai

Welcome to our new section, where we applaud witty banter we see in our comments section. This is our way of showing how much we appreciate the insightful, intelligent and sometimes unknowingly funny comments.

February 1, 2012 4:31 by

Not that we are biased, but it has been our observation that Kipp readers tend to be a rather witty and intelligent lot (wink, wink). We’ve long enjoyed the sly-snarky-bitter-jaded comments from our usual commentators—which is why we are officially launching a ‘Comment of the Week.’

Kipp’s been buzzing this week with complaints and points of view from readers for a number of our articles, from the legality of e-cigarettes to the Nakheel Shoreline Apartments’ debacle. But the one comment that made such an impression comes from Kipp reader ‘TB’ who was adamant to come to Abu Dhabi’s defense when Kipp ran a  story questioning the sustainability of Abu Dhabi’s explosion of projects—an Abu Dhabi-Dubai complex of sorts.

Though perhaps an odd choice to start this section with, TB’s indignant rant had us amused—especially the part where he vents: “as for nightlife, you mean 8 nightclubs… isn’t enough nightlife for you.”

Take it away TB

“Lack of Proper infrastructure? I assume that’s an emotional response. I need to only mention JLT scenic tour set up as a beginning to the whoas of Dubai living. How about the 10 dirham starting for taxis, how about hospitals which most people can’t afford? how about private schools with fee hikes? I’ll contrast this effort with the recent opening of Salam Street tunnels, as well as 3 major arteries into the city center, as well as 2 brand new bridges which cut travel time for you “posh” Dubians. Need I mention the 5% service charge on top of your rent payable to DEWA, which has bills that are insane (average 3 bedroom apartment in Abu Dhabi has a charge of 175AED to ADWEA) as well as your wear and tear on your vehicle, petrol expense, salik, tires, brakes, time away from your family. The list goes on. Abu Dhabi is more than just tourist club, and this isn’t common knowledge in Dubai. I have 3 major parks within walking, yes walking distance of my home, which has sidwalks! OMG, sidewalks and a community in which I interact with UAE Nationals as peers, not enemies in 4x4s. It’s so much cheaper and hassle free to live in Abu Dhabi. Oh and as for nightlife, you mean 8 nightclubs and 5 new hotels isn’t enough nightlife for you. How about concerts, Abu Dhabi Golf Championship, then England Pakistan test match, then AD Tennis and on and on. I will argue that AD provide superior quality of life to Dubai, yet much less prestigious to brag about to your friends back home. PS. It takes me 15 mins to work in the morning and I have lived in Dubai some 2.5 years before my move to AD in 2008.”

TB has set a good bar for the first COTW. And we’re looking forward to next week’s comment of the week. So keep commenting!

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