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Comment of the Week: Media Measurement Mafioso?

Comment of the Week: Media Measurement Mafioso?

This week’s comment in question is delightful in its illustration of the barriers of TV measurement implementation, writing between the lines and referencing The God Father.

February 22, 2012 4:07 by

This week, there we talked about a number of things but the most reaction offline came from the article we wrote questioning if the TV auditing project that The National reported about had any traction. (See the full article here.)

We had Emirates Media Measurement Company’s General Manager and Project Manager Chris O’Hearn, who heads up the group that oversees the People Meters project contact Kipp to offer reassurances that the 18-month timeline will follow through and show Kipp that this time, the project’s got some teeth. We’ll be speaking with him soon.

We also had an insightful email from Philip Vogeler, owner of management consulting firm Al Jisr Company. While he pointed out that the “conversations around TV meters started as early as 1995”, he also wrote:

“As a media auditor in the region, I share your outlook – but not the irony…there are still optimistic parties – albeit having seen pretty much [everything].”

He goes on to say: “Although I am hopeful, I am realistic…We should always remember that one of the most questionable people meters is the one they use in the US. That said, the problems will not cease once the meter is installed. They will be diverted to other levels.”

Very interesting points of view that we really appreciate readers have shared—most of which were either on Twitter or sent to Kippreport via email. (We even had one tweep @Digitful suggest the idea of TV measurement in the region is ‘URBAN LEGEND’.

There was one comment on the article on the site though, that we found delightful in its illustration of the barriers of TV measurement implementation. Reader Karim Fahmy has played to Kipp’s love for reading between the lines and references to The God Father.

Although we did say we were going to applaud any TV measurement projects when we see them realized and not before, we still, in some way, had some ray of hope that it will happen sometime (though definitely slowly but surely).

But Karim Fahmy, who—according to LinkedIn—is a Partner and Managing Director at Tonic Media, sees the unequivocally half-glass empty. We’ll let you enjoy reading his comment, yourself. Here’s what he had to say:

“For sure it will never take off because the major TV stations and the god fathers selling their media space are bound to lose. People meters will shed light as to the real viewership habits in the region which are almost 180 degrees different from what the so called ‘existing’ research says. It is common knowledge that it is almost insulting to call the TV studies that exist research because the questions are prompted etc etc etc.. bottomline…people meters are not in the interests of the major TV stations whose viewership is inflated thus they can inflate their rate card. Likewise, suppliers that sell the media space of those ‘major’ TV stations will lose their power since people meters will expose true viewership habits.”

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