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Connecting journalists and PR professionals

Connecting Journalism with PR

Publiseek’s free service offers brands a free marketing outlet.

October 13, 2013 12:33 by

Publiseek is a free online media request service that connects journalists looking for sources and experts within the PR community and the general public.

Launched softly in June, the platform has quickly gained popularity through word-of-mouth, particularly among the UAE’s PR community, says David Haddad, founder of Publiseek.

“At the moment, most PR agencies in the UAE have staff using our service. That includes Edelman, APCO, Ketchum and others,” he says. “We’ve already helped journalists at Reuters, Forbes, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Gulf News, The National and dozens of other media outlets in the UAE and abroad.”

Haddad comes from an internet and start-up background. Yet, he says what drew him to start the new service was the idea to facilitate information and connect people – a concept that most people from internet backgrounds are passionate about.

“We are giving people the chance to have their voice heard in a public sphere,” adds Haddad. He believes that small businesses or brands don’t enjoy the same exposure and publicity from media that is usually eager to get the feedback from bigger players.

“Not everybody has the budget for a PR agency and not everyone has contact details of a journalist. The ‘little guy’ might have a great story to tell, but can’t find a publisher to tell it,” says Haddad.

Publiseek requires you to sign up using your email (no other personal information is required) and it sends out a maximum of one newsletter per day, offering the opportunity of exposure for non-journalists.

On the other hand, journalists can place requests to get quotes, feedback or contributed content from various professionals for their stories. Members’ emails are always hidden and journalists have the option of not disclosing their name and/or affiliated company. Replies will keep coming in until the deadline, set by the journalist, is reached.

Haddad states that the service will remain free for both journalists and PR experts.

Kippreport made use of the service while scouting for expert contributors for our Entrepreneur Diaries section and, we must say, we were impressed by the response.

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  1. Tara Rogers on October 13, 2013 5:19 pm

    This service is excellent and has been from day 1. Kudos to David Haddad – he’s adding real value.


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