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CONNECTIVITY COSTS: Broadband internet connections costs world over

As du launched its new high speed broadband connection yesterday with a price tag, Kipp see how the price tag compare around the globe.

August 16, 2012 2:00 by

  • UAE

    du’s fastest and costliest 100 Mbps broadband internet connection package is only available in Dubai for Dh999, which is more than double the cost of the next fastest service, a 24 Mbps connection on offer from du. With this connection, one can download a music album in about six seconds or a movie in one-and-a-half minute. Etisalat offers a top speed of 30 Mbps for home broadband connections for Dh499 per month with a landline connection.

    Photo credit: Pawan Singh / The National

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Telecom Company (STC) offers a high-speed internet package with 200 Mbps for 799 Saudi riyals (Dh783) a month.

  • Qatar

    Qatar’s Vodafone broadband internet package offers 5 Mbps with unlimited usage for QR200 (Dh201.80) a month.

  • Chile

    Chile's VTR operator offers broadband package with 120 Mbps for  $196.96 a month (Dh724). The price is based on a scale called PPP (purchasing power parity) which calculates how much money is needed to purchase the same goods and services in any two countries.

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  • United States

    The most expensive broadband internet service was found in New York, where Verizon delivers fiber triple-play package of 150 Mbps for $154.98 (Dh569) and Comcast in Washington, DC, offers 105 Mbps for $105 (Dh386).

    In Chattanooga, TN residents have an option of gigabit Internet access, for $317.03 (Dh1,165) per month.

    AT&T offers the cheapest triple play package: $65.60 (Dh241) in Louisiana and Lafayette, LA.

    New York and Washington has broadband services with 25 Mbps for less than $40, whereas Los Angeles offers a measly 10 Mbps for $29.99 (Dh110).

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  • United Kingdom

    Virgin Media, a popular fiber optic connection, in the UK offers 100 mbps broadband for £34.75 (Dh200) per month, with the first three months at half price.

  • Europe

    Riga, Seoul, Paris, Bucharest and Berlin, had comparable packages with 100 Mbps for less than $40 per month. In European countries such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, 500 Mbps service is available for $37.34 (Dh137). According to the European Broadband Tariffs Database, Ireland has the most expensive Broadband packages in all of Europe. Most broadband packages, for example, Eircom Bitstream comes with 2 Mbps-8 Mbps speed average around €33.8 (Dh152) per month.

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  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong broadband Network (HKBN) offers 500 Mbps service for $37.34 (Dh137) and 1 gigabit service for $48.59 (Dh179) per month.

  • Tokyo

    In Tokyo, BigGlobe broadband package with 200 Mbps speed is available for a mere $26.85 (Dh99) per month.


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  1. I speak truth on September 1, 2012 4:47 am

    Stop UAE is not the fastest in Arab world noooo wait. It’s saudia Arabia and its much cheaper and better. Saudia’s STC and Mobily (etisalat owned) are offering 200 Mbps for around 750 UAE aed. Du and Etisalat are just blood suckers, ok but Du is millions times better than etisalat Atleast u don’t to b on post paid to get some Internet services. Not only Internet is expensive in UAE but also Petrol in the all Arab world. In UAE petrol price is 1.80 files per liter and in saudia it is 40 files per liter , while diesel price omg it’s 3.80 Dhs per liter and in saudia it’s just 0.25 files. UAE thinks they are very advance in technology but the truth is they are becoming worse and worse just by making ever common things sooo expensive.


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