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Cough Up, Boss!

Cough Up, Boss!

Is Kipp alone in our frustration towards the meagerly tuppence that is our salary?

March 23, 2011 5:35 by

Just when Kipp was unjustified-ably getting excited over’s sixth annual review of labour market trends which predicted Gulf salaries were to rise by 7 percent in 2011, with salaries in the UAE increasing as much as 6.3 percent. Apparently, we don’t seem to be falling into the section getting the raises, or then again, maybe we just have to wait it out till the end of the year, to see some kind of change.

Until then, we’ll continue to write subliminal messages to the big Boss by publishing articles about salary increments. But if it is any consolation, and Kipp, like Misery, does love company, we are not alone with our dissatisfaction. According to’s 2011 Middle East Salary Survey, conducted by in conjunction with YouGov Siraj, salary satisfaction across the Middle East is rather unimpressive. The survey found that just 3 percent of residents say they are highly satisfied with their remuneration, 52 percent saying they are averagely satisfied and a chunky 45 percent stating they have low satisfaction.

What about you? Are you satisfied with your salary? Do you forsee your company shelling out the extra cash for increment?

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