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Cough Up, Boss!

Cough Up, Boss!

Is Kipp alone in our frustration towards the meagerly tuppence that is our salary?

March 23, 2011 5:35 by

Some people’s pockets are bulging with so much cash they wouldn’t know what to do with a couple of extra Dirhams. Not Kipp, though. We’d know precisely what to do with just a little extra money every month (Give us a raise, Boss). We’d probably stop telling folks around the office our torn jeans is a tribute to the 90s (Give us a raise, Boss) and take them to the tailor to get it patched (Give us a raise, Boss) but not before paying our bills to finally get the lights and electricity turned back on. (Give us a raise, Boss)
Well, for all of our parenthesized subliminal messages, chances are we shouldn’t be expecting a pay rise anytime soon. But that’s not because Kipp works for a miserly corporation who likes to keep all the money for the fat cats at the top, but because it is still an employer’s market or so says industry experts.

Matthew Carter, Managing Director at McArthur Murray, for instance told Emirates 24/7, “I can only see the private sector reducing salaries as they believe that they can still hire people cheaply and that there is no problem in the supply of people. Existing staff still employed can expect a reduction in salary to be discussed in 2011 along with a reduction in quality of benefits, such as cheaper healthcare, cheaper flights etc .We expect bonus levels to drop as well…”

Thanks, Carter, you little beam of sunshine, you.

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