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Could 2024 be the year Qatar hosts the Olympics?


Despite losing the bid to host the next two Olympics, the Gulf state has not lost hope; but Kipp wonders if it would be more feasible if they did.

August 6, 2012 3:20 by

Some may say Qatar’s ambition knows no ends, but perhaps it should. After the country’s much publicized successful bid to host FIFA 2022, Qatar turned its eyes towards the Olympics. Doha put forward a bid to host the 2016 Olympics and perhaps unsurprisingly was unsuccessful but also undeterred. Doha powered on with a bid to host the 2020 Olympics. Even though the city was eliminated from the 2020 host nation shortlist earlier this year, it is still staying ambitious.

According to the general secretary of the Qatar Olympic Committee Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, Qatar will continue to bid to host the Olympics and 2024 is the next on the stop. Speaking to InsidetheGames, Al Thani said: “The good thing is that you learn from your mistakes until you reach your goals. We have learned from the IOC (International Olympic Committee) report and we know the areas we need to cover better. We know what happened with 2020. After 2016 we knew we needed to work more closely with the international federations and we did. We will not give up.”

After infrastructure, climate remains one of the biggest hurdles for the Qatari bid. Doha had proposed hosting the Olympics 2020 in October to avoid the harsh summer characteristic of this region in the months of July and August when the games are traditionally held. Though Doha claims to have gotten approval from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) prior to the 2020 bid, there was a genuine concern over the affect a shift in dates could have on television revenues—in particular from US broadcasting network NBC. The IOC rejected Doha’s 2020 bid on the basis of technical reasons, in particular ‘concerns over climate, capacity, infrastructure and the impact on television schedules.’

Now without mastering the art of cloud seeding or developing a revolutionary cooling system, Kipp can’t see how much more different Qatar’s 2024 Olympic bid will really be. The merit of hosting a major sporting event like the Olympics isn’t especially dire for a state as rich as Qatar and Kipp can’t help but wonder at the role vanity has to play in Qatar’s unending undying Olympics bids.

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