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Creative offices around Dubai

It makes your day job a lot more pleasant. . .

August 25, 2014 9:49 by

  • Kipp looked into different offices around the city to find out which spaces are the most fun.

    While there are many too choose from, here is a look at our favourites:

  • Dubizzle: The Dubizzle offices are a breath of fresh air in Media City, and when the employees get overwhelmed, they can always relax with a game of billiards.

  • Dabo & Co.: We love the minimalism at the Dabo & Co. reception

  • Lowe MENA: Why go down the stairs when you can take a ride on the slide?

  • Crayons Dubai: We wouldn’t mind being surrounded by fun doodles either…

  • Socialize: These vibrant colours would have us singing all day long.


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