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Crime in Dubai

Crime in Dubai

Economic and sex related crimes in Dubai are on the rise but murder rates are down.

February 10, 2011 3:08 by

Here’s what the stats are telling us:

Economic crimes on the rise: Apparently the number of such reported cases rose by 9 percent from last year: for while there were 461 economic-related crimes reported in 2009, 502 such crimes were reported in 2010.  The anti-economic crime department at the general administration for criminal investigation (fancy name, though a heck of a mouthful, thinks Kipp) said it had arrested 752 people in such crimes in 2010 compared with 731 in 2009. Emirates 24|7 reports that Major Salah Buseiba said people in the UAE need to focus on becoming more secure with regards to usage of internet banking and credit card forgery.

Dubai sex-related crimes on the rise by 29 percent: According to The National, the number of sex-related crimes reported in Dubai rose a chunky 29 percent from 391 in 2009 to 504 in 2010. Police are concerned that the social stigma attached to contacting the police concerning such cases is a serious problem; perhaps the increase in reported crimes could indicate a change in such attitudes. But as Justin Thomas, a psychologist and assistant professor in department of natural science and public health at Zayed University, pointed out to The National, it is hard to say whether the increase is a result of more crimes or more crimes being reported.

Murders on the decline: We are sorry to be bringing you such depressing and gloomy news, but maybe this could redeem your mood: Apparently the number of murders in Dubai fell significantly last year, from 34 in 2009 to 23 in 2010, giving a percentage drop of an impressive 32 percent.

So, what do you think? Are times changing in Dubai? For Kipp’s money, we don’t doubt that Dubai has gotten more dangerous over the years. But is the city as unsafe as our newly vigilant media would have us believe?

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