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Crime in Dubai

Crime in Dubai

Economic and sex related crimes in Dubai are on the rise but murder rates are down.

February 10, 2011 3:08 by

Talking about crime in Dubai used to be really a tricky subject because little was known about the crime scene in the emirate. But historically, part of the charm of Dubai, and something it marketed itself for, was its relatively crime-free status. Although part of the illusion of safety in Dubai had to do with the fact that very little crime was reported in the local press. Back in the day (did Kipp actually just say that?), stories of rape and theft would bubble down to us through the grape vine; embellished with gore and additional details through every transmission. Trying to figure out just how dangerous the city could get was as difficult as trying navigate through thick fog on Sheikh Zayed Road (which was far more likely to make the paper).

However, having lived in the city for a bit, Kipp can attest we’ve never been victim of a major crime, unlike many of our counterparts abroad. In fact in the early ’90s it wasn’t unlikely for people who had doubled parked their cars to leave their cars on, doors unlocked with the key still in the engine so as not to inconvenience those whom they have parked in front of. That made it tough for many to validate the conspiracies from gossip mongers who insisted that the reality was far less rosy. And even now, it’s hard to look back and think the city was a hotbed of crime.

But if it wasn’t reporting crime before, the media is certainly reporting it now: from the almost unbearable case of the rape and murder of a young boy in a Mosque last Eid, to the equally disturbing reports of the rape of a 4 year-old girl on a school bus recently, Kipp is starting to think maybe things in Dubai are changing.

And this week has seen various departments within the Dubai police department releasing statistics of crime in the Emirate. (Kipp really appreciates just how much more transparent the government has become with releasing information about crime in the UAE, even if we hate to hear about crime in our great city.)

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