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Curb caffeine cravings this Ramadan


Preventing dehydration and managing amount of coffee crucial

June 24, 2014 2:27 by

Cutting down your daily caffeine intake today, will help limit coffee cravings when fasting this Ramadan.

Many caffeine addicts can’t even imagine starting their working day without a cup of strong, black coffee. However, for those fasting this Holy Month, they’ll soon get a taste for what it’s like to function caffeine free.

With five days to go until Ramadan, Kippreport’s top five tips will help even the most ardent coffee lover get through the day.


Before Ramadan:

1. Cut down your coffee intake – if you drink 5 cups of coffee a day, decrease to 4, then 3, and so on

2. Switch to decaf – it will help ease you into your coffee-free days

3. Cut down on those caffeinated drinks – one can of energy drink contains the same amount of caffeine as one standard cup of coffee

During Ramadan:

4. Have your first cup of coffee of the day two hours after breaking your fast – this will allow your body time to regulate sugar levels

5. If you need a cup of coffee before going to bed, make sure it’s decaf – this will help you avoid a restless night


But whether you’re a coffee lover or not, we all know the key to a healthy Ramadan – especially when it falls in the height of summer – is to stay hydrated. And water is key.

Zeinab Maktabi, resident nutritionist at Nestle, the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company, offers some expert advice:  “Your number one choice for hydration should be water, it is free of calories and quenches the body. Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water after iftar and throughout the night to ensure proper hydration and to avoid dehydration symptoms. Other food items that also contribute to fluid intake are soup, juice, yogurt, and coffee, in moderation.”

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