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Damiel Amitay guesses your password; cellphones with microscopes; the Dalai Lama joke that backfired; More Facebook accounts are being deactivated

Damiel Amitay guesses your password; cellphones with microscopes; the Dalai Lama joke that backfired; More Facebook accounts are being deactivated

Welcome to IPOville; How Mobile Phones Are Saving Lives in the Developing World; The 10 Most Popular iPhone Passwords, Starring '1234'; Dear Photograph; Weinergate; Dalai Lama joke backfires


June 17, 2011 2:00 by

Kipp’s been spoiled for choice this week. It is been a great week for the web, from the ongoing sensational coverage of Weinergate, the expanding bubble that is overvalued social media to a rather funny joke gone bad with the Dalai Lama. Have a look through, and let you us know what would you like to see more of on Kipp’s Best of the Web.

Welcome to IPOville

“Initial public offerings (IPOs) of internet start-ups are like buses: you wait ages for one to arrive, then several turn up at once” or so says The Economist in this interesting article; which is rather pertinent considering the success of Pandora’s IPO.


How mobile phones are saving lives in the developing world

“CLA Professor Aydogan Ozcan is turning the phone into an actual medical device. Ozcan is creating portable and lightweight microscopes that affix to cellphones, thus transforming them into a platform for conducting microanalysis of blood, bodily fluids and water samples. In short, your cellphone can become a mobile medical lab that can diagnose life-threatening diseases.” Need we say anymore?


The 10 Most Popular iPhone Passwords, Starring ’1234′

When iOS developer Daniel Amitay conducted a little experiment to find out what the most popular four-digit unlock passwords are by using a code that allowed him to anonymously tap into the users passwords he found that most people aren’t too inventive. The top five most used passwords include:

1. “1234”

2. “0000”

3. “2580”

4. “1111”

5. “5555”

…sounds familiar? Yes, that is right. We’d probably change our passwords right now if we were you.


Facebook sees big traffic drops in the US and Canada as it nears 700 million users worldwide

Did you know that the number of Facebook users is dropping in the UK, the US and Canada? So what does that mean? Check out this video to find out


Dear Photograph

Ok. This is just super cool. This blog attempts to “take a picture of a picture from the past in the present.” Trust us. Just click the link.



Weinergate—the US media has had a field day with this scandal. And though Kipp will shamefully admit that we’ve followed the scandal one embarrassing picture leak at a time, we couldn’t agree more with the sentiments expressed in this opinion piece from The Economist.


Dalai Lama pizza joke backfires on TV host

Does awkward even begin to describe this video? What happens when you attempt to make a Dalai Lama joke to Dalai Lama himself and you instead end up lost in translation?


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  1. Florence on December 18, 2011 11:49 pm

    That’s an igenionus way of thinking about it.


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