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December 18

December 18

Dubai’s Lifeline; Tiger’s Domino Effect; The Apocalypse Is Not Upon Us; Google's phone: World-Changer or Just a Bad Idea?; Clickety-Click; 10 Unbelievable Facebook Stories


December 17, 2009 5:12 by

Dubai’s Lifeline

The recent Dubai World debt scenario has proven that the way to make money in Dubai is to back sound businesses and not just ones that are also government-owned, says the Financial Times.


Dubai Debt Woes May Cost Abu Dhabi

With Dubai’s overall debt estimated at more than $100 billion, even Abu Dhabi may not have enough liquidity to keep coming to the rescue, says The Wall Street Journal.


Tiger’s Domino Effect

The fallout from the Woods’s sex scandal stretches beyond the orbit of the disgraced superstar, and will carry serious implications for the entire golfing industry, says The Boston Globe.


A Legacy of Regret for a Saudi Diplomat

Saudi’s Prince Saud al-Faisal is the world’s longest-serving foreign minister. But his legacy might be defined more by profound disappointment than by success, says The New York Times.


The Apocalypse Is Not Upon Us

Nihilism and hatred of humankind teach us nothing, except to give up, says Slate, adding that the climate change movement will get nowhere by proclaiming the end of the world.



While the global financial crisis has adversely affected advertising, the internet has been busy building market shares, says the Economist.


Google’s phone: World-Changer or Just a Bad Idea?

David Coursey on PC World debates whether Google’s new Nexus One smartphone will benefit business customers and make it big or not.


The Year in Innovation

The innovation industry took a hit this year because of the economic downturn. But some encouraging trends have managed to emerge, says Business Week.


5 Ways to Actually Make Money on Twitter

Inc takes a look at how five different companies were able to boost their revenues by using the new networking medium.


10 Unbelievable Facebook Stories

Facebook’s influence over daily life grows bigger every second, and Oddee checks out some of the most bizarre real-life stories involving the social networking site.


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