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December 4

December 4

Why Dubai Matters; Less Clothes, More Customers; Lessons From Dubai World; 10 Countries with Huge Foreign Debt Bills; Keep Chasing Tiger’s Tail; 12 Most Controversial Aids Ads

December 4, 2009 6:31 by

Why Dubai Matters

Although Dubai will pay a hefty price for its debt woes, its open economy has attracted numerous foreign investors and serves as a model for its Gulf neighbors, says Business Week.


Lessons From Dubai World

Investors shouldn’t assume government support for state-owned businesses, says Forbes.


Less Clothes, More Customers

Businesses are finding new and daring ways to attract attention during the recession, says Portfolio.


10 Countries with Huge Foreign Debt Bills

The Huffington Post uses data collected for the second quarter of the year by the World Bank to list the countries with the most total foreign debt.


Covering the Haj

Haj is fundamentally about providing the ultimate lesson in “just letting go,” says CNN reporter Isha Sesay and describes the experience of covering the pilgrimage.


Why Privacy Concerns are Ruining Facebook

As privacy issues increase and users demand more protection, Facebook’s philosophy has started to go “down the toilet,” says PC World.


Keep Chasing Tiger’s Tail

Tabloids and their readers should not be embarrassed about their growing interest in the Tiger Woods scandal, says Slate.


Rolling Out the Changes

Tyres account for around a fifth of the energy needed to run a car, and manufacturers have now started using chemicals to make greener tyres, says the Economist.


Blogs You Should Bookmark Right Now

Inc checks out 19 of the smartest business bloggers on the web.


12 Most Controversial Aids Ads

As part of the celebrations for International Aids Day on December 1, Oddee checks out some of the most shocking campaigns to promote the cause.

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