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Destination unknown, Part II

Destination unknown, Part II

It is essential to find a unique selling point to market a destination, Ken Kelling, communications director for Visit London, tells Communicate magazine, Part II.

January 7, 2010 8:44 by

Outside of London, who’s doing the most impressive destination marketing right now?

I like what New York is doing. They are in some ways our direct competitor in terms of world cities, but they are also people that we have quite a lot to do with. What I like about them in particular is that the city has changed enormously in the last five or six years, in terms of the product and what’s there and what it feels like to be there, and the streets, and crime and everything that’s changed hugely. But also they’re using things like film extremely well. Things like Sex in the City and all these great things that are in mainstream entertainment and media are fantastic for projecting an image of the city as well. Having made the city a very film friendly place – as well as a safe place – I think they’re doing well at projecting a destination even though it’s through entertainment. I think that’s something to learn from.

First seen in Communicate magazine.

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  1. UAE Tourism on January 9, 2010 7:42 pm

    People still think that Dubai is a country, if you asked them where UAE was they would’nt know :)

    UAE should market the Country as well instead of just the cities, like does. is a great site btw


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