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Dining in Dubai costs more than just money


Long-term effects of ordering fast food are not promising

August 4, 2014 2:29 by

By Nadine Sayegh

We all know what living in Dubai is like, especially when you work a nine-to-five job. It’s tiring. At the end of a long day at the office, the last thing that most of us want to do is cook a hearty meal. This, bundled with the fact that Dubai is a very culturally diverse city, has allowed for food delivery services to thrive.

However, it does not come without a cost – and we aren’t just talking money.

Research by the Abu Dhabi Health Authority shows that 24 per cent of all residents of Dubai order their food on a daily basis. That equates to almost a quarter of the overall population of approximately 2.1 million people. It is quite unlikely that every single person ordering food is making the right decision, and more often than not, the food they choose is unhealthy. Ultimately, constantly eating out will have undesired health repercussions, and so we must take it upon ourselves to choose wisely, if not begin to cook our own meals entirely.

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