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Do you support Tanmia’s proposal to ban private companies in the UAE from sacking Emiratis?

Do you support Tanmia’s proposal to ban private companies in the UAE from sacking Emiratis?

The results are in.

February 22, 2009 2:31 by

The financial crisis is here, and several companies are firing people. Accepted fact. But is it right for the government to decide who may and may not be fired based on nationality? According to most of you, no. The majority of respondents, 61.5 percent, believe that everyone’s job is equally important, and that the proposal to ban private companies from laying off Emiratis is not acceptable.

While more than 5 percent did feel that the government should protect its nationals, 29 percent feel that the law should only be enforced in the public sector, not in the private sector.

Unfortunately, the government doesn’t agree. Last week, the Ministry of Labor said that private sector companies will face legal action if they sack Emiratis who have not violated the labor law. The latter constitutes non-performance of basic duties, and committing mistakes which result in substantial material loss for the employer, reports Gulf News. Company are not allowed to use the economic slowdown to fire Emiratis.

The ministry says it will enforce a ban on issuing new work permits to companies that do not comply, until a court verdict is passed.

The solution? Join the 4 percent of our respondents who answered “Whatever. I don’t care.”

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  1. Dubai Dude on February 23, 2009 3:01 pm

    This certainly is not a wise decision. Instead of supporting “private” employers who have helped so much in the devleopment and sustainance of Dubai, the government is trying to favour locals, who are not as professional as their expat counterparts. Anybody ever to Dubai knows very well they professionalism and efficiency of locals at work, whether they are at government or private institutions. Its the expat community who has so far burnt its blood for development of Dubai economy. They were not appreciated when Dubai was reaping gold and when hard times came, expats have to bear the consequences. Not fair at all.

    If Tanmia or Dubai Govt thinks all laws are for the expats, why not deport them all and let the “locals” do all the work from labourer to the shop keeper.

  2. chady on February 24, 2009 8:45 am

    Well i think with as little as 10% of population are locals, it is fair propose such request. after all as xpats we had a much better opportunity than what we had back home!

    thanks dubai and its residents for housing as many nationalities as possible.


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