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Docked: Egypt’s Nile cruises docked, awaiting tourism recovery

Docked: Egypt’s Nile cruises docked, awaiting tourism recovery

The severe hit on Egypt’s tourism means more unemployment, late salaries. For now, the tourism sector is eyeing hand-over to civilian rulers for rebound.

October 22, 2011 10:11 by

But that would be if there were no disruptions, workers in the sector say. After Sunday’s clashes, nine of Zakaria’s booked cabins cancelled their reservations.

Labour strikes and frequent protests are not popular here.

“People have to calm down and let the country regain its strength. Our economy is collapsing and if we keep going like this, we will have nothing — no state — left to fight for,” said Bahaa Rabiey Mohamed, 26-year old salesman in Aswan’s empty bazaar, where he now gets little or no business.

Ayman Tahano, a 42-year-old working with a free traders association for the Aswanbazaar echoed the sentiment.
“All these protests for pay hikes are absurd. They are taking all the money the government has and without working for it. They waited 30 years — can’t they wait six more months?” he complained, referring to the three decades Mubarak was in power.

“I told my children’s school teacher who is striking for a higher wage that if this keeps up, I think we are going to have to rob them because they are getting cash from the government while I’m sure not getting any income from anywhere,” Tahano said, bursting into a laugh. (Editing by Sonya Hepinstall)

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