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Does an impersonal desk space spell lack of commitment?

To embellish or not to embellish? If you sit at a desk all day chances are you might not have given much thought to decorating it, but’s Suhail Masri says it is an important question to ponder.

March 7, 2013 6:17 by

Feeling comfortable in the space you spend so much time in is very important—in fact data from’s ‘Good Working Conditions’ found that 64.3 percent of the respondents said improved working conditions would result in more organisational loyalty, more productivity, and more job involvement.

What does it say to management if you don’t personalise a space?

Personalising your space indicates that you are getting comfortable and putting your mark. Though personalising your space isn’t a must, a starkly empty desk may send out the message that you consider this job transitory. So even if you have a minimal style, it’s natural to have a few of your personal touches on your desk. This personalisation could be anything from putting up your family photos and kids’ drawings to something simple like having your favourite office plant on the desk.

Is there such a thing as over decorating your personal space?

Just as the way you dress says a lot about you, your cubicle’s décor is also an indicator on your tastes and personality. Just as you wouldn’t want to go overboard in the way you dress, striking the right balance when decorating your cubicle is important.

How to strike the balance?

Your cubicle is where you work, so it has to be functional above all else. Bulky decorative pieces hamper your movement and productivity.

If you like personalising your wall with family pictures or artwork, it’s a good idea to reserve just one wall for these personal items.

Do not put up artwork or pictures that might be offensive to your team members, this also includes what you put up as your PC’s desktop image.

The office is a workplace not only for yourself but also your co-workers  so be considerate towards them and do not include items that in some way might hamper your colleagues’ productivity like loud objects or excessively-scented items.

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