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A beautiful museum, a traditional souq, and a long picturesque waterfront complete the list of must –do things in the Qatari capital.

November 16, 2009 5:29 by

Doha is one of the most boring places on earth. And it’s not just me who felt it; tourists, residents, and even my taxi driver expressed it to me during my brief stay in the city. Before my trip, I was wondering how I would pack all the sights into two days, and although my colleagues (ex-tourists) warned me to keep my expectations low, I was not convinced. But my trip proved them right.

The Doha airport was small, especially compared to Dubai, and the trip from there to the hotel was uneventful. The driver explained that there is basically just one main road that runs across the city, and during the evenings, it is completely jammed. The whole city looks like it’s under construction and has a kind of old, dusty feel to it. While that could be seen as quaintly appealing to some tourists, after a while, it just gets monotonous.

The La Cigale Hotel, where I stayed, is on the main road, and its modern feel contrasts sharply with the surroundings. The premium room, which was my home for two days, cost $405 per night.  Although the window view didn’t offer me much to see, the beds were soft, the staff at the hotel was extremely hospitable and courteous, and the good-night chocolate was delicious.

The breakfast buffet at the hotel was also great; apart from the usual bread varieties, cereals, and potatoes, the Arabic selections were delicious, and the dessert spread was quite large.

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