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A beautiful museum, a traditional souq, and a long picturesque waterfront complete the list of must –do things in the Qatari capital.

November 16, 2009 5:29 by

But food is not an issue in Doha; there are numerous restaurants across the city, and they cater to a variety of cuisines. Finding a taxi to take you to one, however, can be quite challenging. I had to wait for more than half an hour on the main road in the afternoon to find a cab.

When I hopped in, the taxi driver told me I was very lucky. There are very few taxis plying around the city, he explained to me, as most of them were stranded because of accidents. And since the main roads are perpetually jammed, the taxi drivers only choose routes that are relatively empty.

Having thanked my stars for being one of the “lucky” ones, I headed off to the nearby corniche (waterfront), which is Doha’s main claim to fame. The waterfront extends for several kilometers, and the area around it is well maintained; there are grassy parks, places to sit and relax, and lots of space to exercise. On the other side of the cornice, Doha’s upcoming, glittering skyline is visible.

The corniche is also home to Orry the Oryx, the mascot of the 2006 Asian Games held in Doha. The huge structure is a popular photo spot for most tourists, and although a friend mistook the creature to be a donkey the first time she saw it. Some people lack perspective.

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