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A beautiful museum, a traditional souq, and a long picturesque waterfront complete the list of must –do things in the Qatari capital.

November 16, 2009 5:29 by

A much more interesting and entertaining shopping destination is the traditional Souk Waqif in Doha. The souk houses numerous tiny shops that sell everything from local perfumes to jewellery to carpets, and the whole area, with its smells, old architecture and tiny winding lanes seems reminiscent of a romantic Arabia. It is the perfect place to shop for your curios, although bargaining is a must. Also remember never to visit in the afternoon, as the whole market-every single shop-shuts down for a long siesta. The souk is also home to many restaurants; to get the taste of a typical Qatari meal, you can try out the Al Tawash restaurant.

Besides the souk, the only other place that can keep you occupied for a few hours is the new Museum of Islamic Art, which opened to the public late last year. The museum, which is walking distance from the souk and is located on the corniche, houses thousands of artifacts dating back to the seventh century.

Spread across three floors, the pieces on display characterize Islamic art from across the world including manuscripts of the Quran, colorful carpets from Iran, glittering jewellery from the Mughal period in India and paintings from Turkey.

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