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Insurance is purchased only when compulsory
Terms and Conditions (small print) are clear and easily accessible
Insurance jargon (language) stands in the way of fully understanding each policy
Insurance companies try their best to uphold the details of the policy without cutting corners
Reducing risk, cutting costs and profits are more important to an insurance company than the customer
Insurance companies in the region are as professional as in other more developed markets
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Do you trust your insurance provider?
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Dress up like a CEO this Halloween

Forget cheesy masks and phony monster make-up. If you really want to inspire fear in your fellow revelers, why not dress up like one of these six iconic CEOS?

October 31, 2012 5:07 by

  • Steve Jobs-Black turtleneck and faded jeans and you are all set to emulate one of the greatest tech minds of the century.


  • Prince Al Waleed bin Talal-Don shaded glasses, a snazzy suit, a distinctive moustache and a unique posture and you can be one of the richest Arab businessmen for the night.



  • If you can find a wig cut to the '90s-esque mushroom-bob style, then you are just a boxy suit and a pearl necklace away from being Pepsi Co's iconic CEO Indra Nooyi.



  • Find a terrible hair piece, subject it to an awful dye-job, put on an expensive suit and annoying accent and you can be Donald Trump for the All Hallows’ Eve.


  • If you can find some questionably dressed women (shouldn't be hard, given it is Halloween) to stick by your side the whole evening, dusting some powder over your hair and a bow tie could turn you into Hugh Hefner for the night.



  • Get a hoodie, jeans and an orange wigs of curls and presto—Mark Zuckerberg -creator of Facebook.


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  1. Sunil Krishnani on November 1, 2012 3:33 pm

    Finally what counts is the money you have or you can generate. Whether you were a suit or a torn jeans does not matter. What really makes a difference and gives the person an edge is how much money you can make.


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