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Dress up like a CEO this Halloween

Forget cheesy masks and phony monster make-up. If you really want to inspire fear in your fellow revelers, why not dress up like one of these six iconic CEOS?

October 31, 2012 5:07 by

  • Steve Jobs-Black turtleneck and faded jeans and you are all set to emulate one of the greatest tech minds of the century.


  • Prince Al Waleed bin Talal-Don shaded glasses, a snazzy suit, a distinctive moustache and a unique posture and you can be one of the richest Arab businessmen for the night.



  • If you can find a wig cut to the '90s-esque mushroom-bob style, then you are just a boxy suit and a pearl necklace away from being Pepsi Co's iconic CEO Indra Nooyi.



  • Find a terrible hair piece, subject it to an awful dye-job, put on an expensive suit and annoying accent and you can be Donald Trump for the All Hallows’ Eve.


  • If you can find some questionably dressed women (shouldn't be hard, given it is Halloween) to stick by your side the whole evening, dusting some powder over your hair and a bow tie could turn you into Hugh Hefner for the night.



  • Get a hoodie, jeans and an orange wigs of curls and presto—Mark Zuckerberg -creator of Facebook.


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  1. Sunil Krishnani on November 1, 2012 3:33 pm

    Finally what counts is the money you have or you can generate. Whether you were a suit or a torn jeans does not matter. What really makes a difference and gives the person an edge is how much money you can make.


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