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Drive-in cinemas: a car brand hopes you get star-struck

Drive-in cinemas: a car brand hopes you get star-struck

What will it take for you to get intimate with Lexus? Well, it hopes you'll cozy up with it at the movies.

July 18, 2011 3:40 by

With automobile sales across the UAE plummeting, car brands are looking for other ways to catch your attention. One of them takes to the silver screen…

Lexus and Al Futtaim Motors is putting the term ‘after sales added value’ into practice with its Lexus Gold Movies initiative.

If you are Lexus owner, you are entitled to complimentary movie tickets every Saturday at Vox Cinemas Gold Class theatre, to a currently showing movie of Lexus’ choice.

Lexus brands the movie seats (those comfy lazy boy chairs with the added side tables) and provides Lexus owner-slash-moviegoers with Lexus branded blanket to boot. The company also has exclusively use of the advertising air time prior to the movie. So far the scheme is UAE exclusive. The marketing investment for this projects is undisclosed.

Now Lexus isn’t necessarily the first brand that has tacked on its brand to the cinema-going experience. Kipp remembers companies like Standard Chartered and HSBC use the UAE’s penchant for movies (one of the main weekend activities in this hot climate).

For the banks, it’s a pretty straightforward knock on effect: use our cards to pay for the tickets and you get rewards or discounts. This becomes an incentive to use the cards.

But for an automotive brand? “The Lexus Gold Movies initiative focuses on customers beyond the transactional relationship of purchasing the car and the after sales services. The Lexus Gold Movies underlines the concept of offering seamless luxury to the customers beyond the vehicle itself. Through this program, we attempt to accentuate the feeling of belongingness to the Lexus community,” Saud Abbasi GM- Lexus, Al-Futtaim Motors tells Kipp.

The scheme runs throughout Vox Cinemas at Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates and Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall until the end of the year. A customer can reserve up to two seats through phone booking or just by walking-in to the movie.

And with Lexus introducing the hybrid and its latest sporty model to the UAE, the ISF, it’ll be pressed to catch your attention soon and fast.

And what of new customers? Abbasi only goes as far as telling Kipp the company is planning something. No other details beyond that.

As its sole Lexus brand rep in UAE, Al Futtaim Motors develops and implements all marketing initiatives in the emirates, including the Lexus Gold Movies, in keeping with the car brand’s global marketing strategy, says Abbasi.

Movies that have been screened include Transformers and Horrible Bosses. Both of which include Toyota brands.

Do you have a positive or negative after sales experience with any automobile?

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  1. MK on July 19, 2011 11:02 am

    news of a hybrid is quite interesting! can’t wait…


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