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Du du du re-register your number. Or else…

du re registration

du threatens to block those numbers who fail to re-register their cell phone SIM cards within the three month grace period. Perfect timing thinks Kipp, after all people only just leave the UAE for that amount of time in summer...

August 5, 2012 2:47 by

Kipp will be honest, when we heard about the Telecommunications and Regulatory Authority rather existential-sounding campaign titled ‘My number, my identification’ we weren’t too optimistic. The move, which requires all mobile phone users of Du and Etisalat in UAE to re- register their numbers with their identification documents-struck us as painfully bureaucratic and potentially reminiscent of the long drawn out night mare that was the Emirates ID.

We also couldn’t help but wonder if re-registration was the best way to meet the TRA’s goals of cracking down on fraudulent and criminal use of handsets in the country. We asked how a one-time verification scheme could help crack down on what is an on-going recurring racket.

Yet so far things aren’t going too bad. Sure we aren’t anywhere close to the deadline (which is a happy 18 months away), but for now both Etisalat and du have opted to deal with the re-registration by a surprisingly realistic strategy of dividing customers into six three-month batches. Du has taken things one step further by threatening to block those customers who fails to register their SIM cards after receiving a text message asking to do so.

Now a three month grace period is fair enough, but Kipp can’t help but wonder at the wisdom of such a policy especially at a time when people leave the UAE for a good three months at a stretch. I’d hate to get back to Dubai to find my favourite local telecom has blocked my cell phone because I failed to re-register my number. I wouldn’t even want to imagine the paper work waiting at the end of that dark gloomy tunnel…

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  1. PPM on August 6, 2012 2:03 pm

    And – never missing an opportunity to make money – it appears that, if you happen to have picked up the SIM card of your predecessor in your job or a friend who has left for good then you won’t be able to register it in your name unless you can bring them back to present their ID. You will need to buy a new one.
    There appears to be no logical and sensible reason for this that anybody can think of other than a natural predeliction of duopolies to exploit their position when not regulated for the common good.

  2. Maura Pedregosa on October 18, 2012 10:09 am

    Pls provide online application form for sim card re registration.


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