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Du to develop two new data centres

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Company’s Telecom Knowledge Series shines light on data centres and their significance in the Mena region

January 29, 2014 5:59 by

In an initiative to raise awareness about data centres and their role in the technological environment, telecom operator du recently announced its expansion plans in the UAE at its first Telecom Knowledge Series of the year. Mahesh Jaishankar, vice-president of Datamena (du’s data centres) and broadcasting at du, gave a presentation on data centres, their significance in the Mena region and the company’s plans to open two new facilities in the next few years, in partnership with Equinix.

Jaishankar believes this will be highly beneficial for the Mena region in terms of quicker and smoother transportation of traffic between servers and outside areas, as well as improved market rates.

According to MarketsandMarkets, a market research company and consulting firm, the data centre networking market is a $12.49 billion industry and will continue to grow at a compound annual rate of 11.8 per cent during the next five years.

du’s current data centres comprise approximately 27,000 sq/ft, according to Jaishankar who says that the new facilities will be much larger and hold a larger wattage capacity. He adds that, currently, the centres consume between 6.5 to 7MW of energy, since they are relatively small facilities in comparison to others around the world. Additionally, more initiatives are “going green”, which means several companies are looking to find more environmentally friendly alternatives to power their data centres, especially after the European Union announced that the energy consumption of data centres in the world was 46TWh in 2006 and is set to rise to 93TWh by 2020.


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