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We “du” need VIP numbers to feel important

Mobile Phone

The telecom company in the UAE is putting elite numbers on sale for the residents to go cuckoo over...

October 31, 2012 9:45 by

As though the “Fat Cats” of society don’t have nearly enough chances to flaunt their possessions and wealth, telecom company du has now announced that they will be offering UAE residents the chance to purchase unique and VIP mobile numbers as part of an ‘Elite Plan’. Of course, the attraction of owning a ‘special number’ is not a new concept to the Emirates as Etisalat has been offering a similar privilege for years.

Naturally, we’re not that shocked because we have seen just how wacky the wealthy get when pursuing possessions like special license plate numbers that are often worth more than the car itself. The 9-to-5 folk tut at the deep-pocketed buyers for shelling out millions of Dirhams to get their hands on a number plate that has ‘a nice ring to it’.

Call Kipp old fashioned if you must, but we never understood the need for a mere phone number to be elite and probably never will. According to 7days, the telecom company says they are offering users the chance to “flaunt their desire to be different” because “exclusivity never gets older. It gets bolder”.

We’re really not trying to poke holes in every ostentatious business plan – and dare we risk to win this argument with a technicality – but isn’t every mobile number unique? Does anyone else carry the same number that I have? Do half the calls go to them and the other half to me?

But I suppose what the telecom company actually meant was that in order to choose the number that you so desperately desire, you must first be part of an ‘Elite or Emirati-only’ plan. Prices will range from a mere AED 100 to AED 750 depending on whether it is a Gold, Silver, Bronze or special number category.

The company has not yet made it clear which numbers will be available but a 12-month contract – which is a necessary step to be a part of the elite plan – does include benefits like free international minutes, national minutes, messages and data. For a Gold number a user would receive 750 International minutes, 750 national minutes, 750 SMSes and 750 mb of Data.

Now, on to the more subtle advantages of owning a VIP number. Strangers will more easily remember your number and close friends and family can call you without having difficulty. Wait, isn’t that what business cards and speed dial are for?

Let’s face it, it’s not about ease and efficiency and never has been. It has been designed for VIPs and as 7days gracefully put it ‘Wannabees to feel even more glitterati’ but the somewhat sad truth is that it’s bound to be a hit in the UAE.

There is no denying that residents will ‘go cuckoo’ over the chance to obtain the number that will supposedly change their perspective on life but we will leave you Kippers with a couple of things to ponder. Firstly, if you really need a number to make you feel important then you have more pressing issues to focus on and secondly, does it really make you a VIP if you can afford an AED 750 number?

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  1. mandarin on October 31, 2012 11:18 am

    Logic and common sense will not bring in the moolah… you need to massage overblown egos to make the cash register ring!!!!


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