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Dubai’s Chance for Charity

Dubai’s Chance for Charity

It’s not all bad y’know, Kipp brings you the efforts of a few of Dubai’s good Samaritans

April 14, 2011 3:22 by

Kipp so often writes about the dark and gloomy side of affairs in Dubai that we thought we’d take a quick break from it all and bring up you a quick round up of some of the good that goes on around here. We hope this may brighten your mood and if it does inspire you to pitch in and help out, well so much the better.

To start with, the reason we thought of writing this article was because we read about Aruna Shamkuwara’s generous cook-outs for labour workers of Dubai. One day Aruna was heading home when she saw a group of labourers shivering out in the cold and decided to help them out by bringing them 15 litres of tea and biscuits. Her gesture was well received and motivated her to set up lunches for workers at various construction sites. Soon enough, her friends began to contribute to the cooking; and the women have since been able to feed over 5,000 labourers. Shamkuwara says that her top priority is “to ensure it is fresh and made in hygienic conditions. Those delegated to cook are known to me and make sure they follow the correct procedures.”

Xpress also carried a report on the same day, of Haseena Sakhri, a young French professional photographer who spends her Friday mornings (along with other tutors) teaching a group of 50 Asian labourers at a labour camp in Al Quoz. What is interesting about the program, is that labourers get to choose the lesson of the day from something as simple as learning an alphabet, a set of words, geography or even dance: “We have Colombian dancer Vivian Rojos who comes in to teach them contemporary dance and they just love it,” said Sakhri.

And finally we bring a program of with a similar aim as Sakhri and her fellow tutors. We are talking about SmartLife’s Adopt A Laborer program which pairs blue-collar workers with white-collar mentors. The program was started by Arun Krishnan who told the National “We completely abstain from support through financial aid. The idea is for people to commit some time in the week to mentor a labourer…It could be by teaching them something, like English or computers, or it could be a simple task of picking up the phone and speaking to them as a friend, finding out if they need anything and enquiring about their family back home.”

So if you’re feeling like your usual the allure of Friday Brunches and glitzy club nights have disappeared, these admirable souls can always use a helping hand.

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  1. MK on April 17, 2011 11:17 am

    This is quite inspiring…nice to see some people actually take time out of their own schedule & dedicate it for the well being of others!


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