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Dubai dazzling on the catwalk?

Dubai dazzling on the catwalk?

The emirate’s fashion scene may have been affected by the financial crisis, but some in the industry see a more positive trend in the future.

March 18, 2010 7:17 by

“It is a small market,” admits Khan, “but there is always space and people do squeeze in. There have been many fashion shows and fashion events in Dubai. But different people have different concepts and areas of focus are also different.” And hence there is not too much competition.

While competition may not be tough, the standard of all these events is not up to the mark, says Esmod’s Hostal. “I was at the Abu Dhabi expo last year, no one was there and everyone was complaining,” she says. It’s like a business here for the organizers, who only make money from creators who want to showcase their work, she adds.

“I heard many people say that they are not very interested in these events as they not organized well,” she says adding that they should probably take feedback from some experts in the fashion field to improve the standards.

Farooq is a bit more optimistic. “Whether these events help promote Dubai as a fashion hub in the world, I don’t know, because they are just hyped a lot. But in the Gulf and the Middle East, they help to get your name out there,” she says.

However, events aside, Khan, Farooq and Hostal agree that Dubai’s status as a fashion hub is bound to advance in the coming years. “Dubai is forward in everything. We have the tallest, the biggest, the greatest—so we should be the most fashionable as well,” jokes Farooq.

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  1. Ex Dubai Res. on March 19, 2010 9:27 am

    Dubai is a wonderful city, but definitely not the first thing I think about when it comes to Fashion. I have been to New York and England’s high-streets. They have big name brands but they also have craftsman. Unfortunately, in Dubai its all about the man with the big name. I can buy an Armani but i cant get the pick of clothing craftsman. In Dubai, you get tailors or Brioni. You chose. So ya Dubai will hopefully grow to be a fashion destination. But it sure as hell isn’t gonna not gonna be the capital with its hostility to individual designers. :(
    -Ex Dubai Res.


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