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Dubai driving fines no one tells you about


By Florence Pilkington

August 31, 2014 2:59 by

The Dubai Traffic Police announced today a new AED200 fine for individuals driving on damaged tyres.

This is not the first time this month that a new traffic fine has been put in place. Last week, in honour of International Women’s Day, the most recent driving fine aimed at women – no putting on make-up or brushing your hair in the car – aims at making the streets of the UAE safer.

Women will be fined AED1,000, receive 12 black points and have their car seized for one month if found applying make-up while driving in the UAE, The Ministry of Interior reveals. .

The violation has been explained to be ‘more dangerous than using a mobile phone while driving’, by Colonel Saif Al Mazrouei, director general of the Department of Traffic at Dubai Police, in a statement.

We called the traffic department of the UAE, and the response we received was that ‘if we heard it on the radio, it must be true!’

As a result of the new law, Kippreport decided to investigate and find out what other outrageous fines you could be given when driving, that you may not have known about.

Make up and combing hair while driving – AED1,000 fine

Opening the left door of a taxi – AED200 fine and 3 black points – we totally knew that, right?!

Using interior lights for no reason while driving – AED100 fine

Overtaking in a ‘wrong’ way – AED200 fine and 3 black points – but you have to figure out what that means exactly

Not giving way for vehicles to pass on the left – AED200 fine – no matter how fun it may be

Using multi-coloured lights – AED200 fine

Taxi refusing to carry passengers – AED200 fine and 4 black points

Writing phrases or placing stickers on vehicle without permission – AED200 fine – sorry ‘Bad Boy’ and ‘No Fear’, you two are breaking the law

Leaving a vehicle on the road with its engine running (unattended) – AED300 fine

Changing vehicle’s colour or engine without permission – AED400 fine

Driving a noisy vehicle – AED500 fine and vehicle confiscated for 30 days

Allowing children under 10 years old to sit in the front seat of a vehicle – AED400 fine and 4 black points – Ok, we’re on-board with this one

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