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Dubai gets tough on fraud

Dubai gets tough on fraud

Those found guilty of corruption now face heavier prison sentences. But Kipp readers are divided over whether enough is being done to tackle financial crime.

April 6, 2010 1:43 by

But have the Dubai authorities done enough to tackle corporate fraud? In a poll of Kipp readers – which was undertaken before the outcome of the Abdel Salam al-Merri case was known – opinion is divided. Just under half of the respondents said that Dubai has done enough to tackle fraud, while 50.5 percent said that not enough had been done.

Among all respondents, 39 percent said that the “recent high-profile arrests show the issue is being taken seriously”, while 10.5 percent said that, while Dubai is doing enough to tackle fraud, any delay is because “it takes time to gather evidence in such cases”.

But many other readers believe than not enough is being done. “The problem was so rife that they’ve barely touched the surface” was the response of 36.5 percent of respondents, while a further 14 percent said that “some individuals guilty of fraud are still considered ‘immune’,” a reference to the perceived favoritism and ‘invincibility’ of some.

However, as has been stated, this survey was conducted before this week’s ruling against Abdel Salam al-Merri. Kipp will be conducting another poll later this month, to assess what difference our readers think this ‘landmark case’ will make.


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  1. Michael Weinberg on October 7, 2010 11:23 pm

    The UAE is only tough on fraud when it is convenient. When an American ex-pat is defrauded out of $18 million and a partner abducted, the govenrment could care less. They are only concerned when it affects their pocketbook personally.

  2. A.T on May 10, 2011 12:46 pm

    Surprising, i just inform a fraud case happened in Sharjah, Dubai police comes up saying they can’t do anything, sharjah police informed about it, no reply call. What should the common people do if this is the reponse?


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