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Dubai SME to map angel investors in the UAE to facilitate funding


Equity finance presented as viable alternative

March 31, 2014 12:28 by

Dubai SME is in the process of mapping the universe of angel investors in the UAE to connect them with viable start-ups that show long-term growth potentials. It aims to promote equity financing and angel investing as a complementary and alternative mode of funding for UAE start-ups and SMEs in various stages of growth, according to Alexandar Williams, director of strategy and policy at Dubai SME.

“Equity finance is a viable option for SME financing in the region, but the UAE lags behind developed countries in deploying this means of finance. The market for financing a ticket size of AED5 million or less for a start-up is almost nonexistent here. There is, however, a great opportunity for this financing method to develop into a mainstay of funding for SMEs as the UAE economy moves towards higher value-added activities and further improves its business and equity investment laws,” says Williams.

Williams spoke about the alternatives for SME financing on the second day of the SME World Summit 2014, which took place on March 26 and 27.


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