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Dubai’s 8th run at a DIFF-erent perspective on films

Dubai’s 8th run at a DIFF-erent perspective on films

Eight years on, the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) may have created a global profile for itself attracting a handful of indie films but it's still definitely a work in progress.

December 12, 2011 4:51 by

…real heart of the festival. And the interactions after the screening are priceless–with the right kind of moderator, that is.

Two films in particular so far that I think are worth a mention are “Un Nuage Dans Un Verre D’eau” (A Cloud in a Glass of Water) and Ending Note (Death of a Japanese Salesman).

I picked these two because they represent. The former, a film from France directed by Srinath Samarasinghe, was a film of great technical display–in terms of the script, the cinematography, the graphics and the acting. The story itself took many twists and turns and it took you away from the formulaic storytelling templates of mainstream cinema.

The latter is product of Japan. It’s a documentary that was emotionally-charged. There was not a dry eye in that theatre at the end of the film. This debut project by Mami Sunada is an invitation into the life of a man quickly approaching the end of his life, which in turn reminds to always celebrate life.

Here’s the trailer:

There are other must-see films during the Festival that we hope some of you may have seen or will still see in the final two days of the festival. We’ve provided the top ten must-watch movies last week.

And finally, I’m looking forward to seeing through the rest of the DIFF week.

What about you? What’s your take away from this year’s DIFF?

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  1. Plum Endemon on December 13, 2011 9:38 am

    I love the DIFF – this was my 6th year – I would not miss it for the world. Although I didn’t manage to see so many films this year, I would recommend ‘The Awakening’, ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’ and ‘Makan Youa’ad’ (A Place to Go).

  2. MK on December 14, 2011 11:42 am

    I absolutely loved last night’s movie from Thai Director called “P-047″
    It was a little awkward during the Q&A however when the translator wasn’t doing her job right, so the director took charge and started talking in English…which he was much better at!!!
    Overall, really enjoyed DIFF 2011.


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