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Dubai’s capital competition

Dubai’s capital competition

A recent survey named Abu Dhabi ‘best Arab city’. But readers of this website disagree...

March 14, 2010 9:58 by

Kipp’s sister title Saneou al Hadath recently named Abu Dhabi ‘the best Arab city’.

The Arabic business magazine said that, while Dubai had improved in terms of transportation and communications, and rents in the emirate are now more reasonable, the UAE capital still clinched it in terms of overall quality of life and business opportunities.

“Abu Dhabi is the top Arab city for the third consecutive year, but for different reasons,” Baher Nabulsi, editor in chief of Saneou al Hadath, told Kipp. “Dubai and Abu Dhabi were very close. Dubai outranks Abu Dhabi in entertainment and communications category – but the healthier business environment in Abu Dhabi saw it clinch the number one spot.”

But Kipp’s readers disagree.

In a reader poll, 64 percent of respondents said that they would rather not live in Abu Dhabi. Of these, 36 percent said that Dubai is a “much better” place to live, and a significant 28 percent of respondents said that “I wouldn’t want to live in the UAE”.

Some agreed with the Saneou al Hadath survey, with  21 percent of respondents saying there is a good standard of living” in Abu Dhabi, and 15 percent preferring the UAE capital “because of the business opportunities” .

What do you think? Is the UAE capital emerging as the best place to live in the Arab world? Or does Dubai – or indeed somewhere far removed from the UAE – have the edge?

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  1. Sultan Mansour on March 14, 2010 10:46 pm

    I do not know why you need another poll to find out if Abu Dhabi is the best city in Arab World. It is very funny by the way.

    I think Abu Dhabi should not be compared with the region in terms of health Care and Education and business opportunities. I think for those categories, other Arab cities should compete on 2nd place.

    For entertainment, I think Dubai is doing very well.

  2. almur on April 14, 2010 9:35 am

    The UAE in general is the best Arab country to live in, for many reasons that I belive that we all know. And for the 28% who said they’d rather not live in the UAE I’m asking them why are you here? Why don’t you just leave? And the answer is as clear as the sun: Where will you be going? Back home?

    I’m sorry those people need to suck it up and say thank you for the lifestyle and the secuirty that I bet they won’t find anywhere else. I love the UAE, either Dubai or Abu Dhabi. They both rule. Thank you.

  3. Miss Anne Thropic on April 14, 2010 12:35 pm

    Here we go again with the “If you don’t like it, just leave!” nonsense. It’s not so simple for a lot of people.

    If you have a debt and you’d rather pay it off than abscond, that can keep you here.

    If your spouse has a good job here and/or your kids are at school here and you don’t want to disrupt your relationship or family, that can keep you here.

    If the job market back in your home country isn’t very good, that can keep you here.

    If your employer has confiscated your passport and tricked you into paying for your visa and you are in debt and weren’t aware of your rights before you arrived, that can keep you here.

    If you have been trafficked here as a prostitute, that can keep you here…

    And so on and so forth…


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