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Dubious delays?: Abu Dhabi’s museum move

Dubious delays?: Abu Dhabi’s museum move

It's a marketing tactic and not economic realities that led to the decision to delay some of their projects, says TDIC. Of course, it is.


October 30, 2011 2:31 by

…semi-convincing excuse about the decision.

Whatever the real condition of the emirate’s construction sector, all we can really ask for is that if TDIC feels like slowing down, it shouldn’t have to make up a fluffy marketing story about how somebody suddenly realised it’s better to give each museum their own turn in the spotlight.


Ask around. We’re sure most people would feel safer knowing that the company was more open about practicing posterity and a more cautious approach to each project. Simple. Honest.

And it shouldn’t really be too hard, considering not all is delayed on Saadiyat Island. The first villas on it are set to open in a few weeks, for example, with 255 out of the 344 Beach Villas already sold. And our pal O’Connor also freely states that none of the projects initially planned for the Island has been cancelled and that only “the timing has changed substantially.”

With a lot of even Dubai’s projects now strongly linked to Abu Dhabi, nobody is cheering for the capital to fall. In fact, it is hard not to admire the obvious cautiousness and thoughtfulness that Abu Dhabi has taken in the way it is expanding. And it would be even better when a company is more transparent with both its achievements and its shortcomings.

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  1. Avari on December 19, 2011 2:00 am

    Thanks for itnrdociung a little rationality into this debate.


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