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DUOS WITH THE DOUGH: UAE’s Top 5 Business Twins

In keeping with the World Twins Day (July 3rd), Kipp takes a look at the five business savvy identical twins from the region.

July 2, 2012 3:53 by

  • Ahmed and Rashid bin Shabib

    The 29-year old Emirati twins Ahmed and Rashid bin Shabib are two of the youngest entrepreneurs from the region. With only Dh25,000 in their hands, their first business venture was in 2006 in the form of the UAE’s first online delivery service -, which allowed customers to buy any item from any store and deliver for a nominal fee. A year later, they launched a magazine to portray Emiratis differently and dispel all the preconceived stereotypes of the Middle East.

    The twins found success in 2009 when they launched a platform to support the young budding entrepreneurs in the UAE. The Shelter, according to them is a “factory of ideas” for all creative professionals and entrepreneurs to help make dreams a reality by limiting financial challenges.

    *Image source: Gulf News

  • Haya and Sama Abu Khadra

    These Dubai-based 18-year old identical twins of Palestinian origin are young, stylish, and two of the youngest fashion buyers in the world. They made headlines when they began looking for fashionable clothes and designs at international fashion shows as front row attendees in 2008, at the mere age of 15, for their mother, Rula Abu Khadra. Rula is the founder of the chic The Art of Living lifestyle boutique in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    *Image source:

  • Mariam and Fatima Masood

    Teachers by profession, these Dubai-based twin sisters Mariam and Fatima are Pakistani authors of their first novel ‘I Know Who You Are!’ The novel tells the tale of a 12-year old boy, Sultan, who discovers magical powers while cleaning a closet, as his family prepares to move house. This is not their first foray into writing and publishing, they first published a fortnightly article called ‘The Friday Class’ that appeared in Young Times, a Dubai-based magazine. As active members of Creative Mumz they have organized activities, workshops, and given many presentations for women in Dubai & Sharjah.

    *Image source: Creative Mumz

  • Alizey and Saanieh Mirza

    Born and raised in London with Iranian, Azerbaijani and Turkish descent, 16-year old Alizey and Saanieh Mirza are Dubai-based fashion bloggers. They started blogging at 14 and have their very own collection of PSF leggings inspired by Pucci, Hermes, Versace and the like. They are the head writers for, a blog they named for their heights – 5ft 6in and 5ft respectively. Having been nominated as best blog by Ahlan and Grazia, chosen as stylish people and reader for various magazines and are ambassadors to Biolite Skin Clinic and United Colors of Benetton, the twins definitely have a successful future ahead.

    *Image source:

  • Gulnaz and Nazgul Nejmi

    Dubai-based twins Gulnaz and Nazgul Nejmi, creators of the Gul and Naz Makeover Mansion, design and create their own hats from scratch for women attending the Dubai World Cup. The 30-year-old half-Turkish-Cypriot, half-Pakistani sisters launched their hat collection three years ago when they couldn't find original hats suited to their personalities and taste, for the races. After buying fabrics, accessories and raw materials in Satwa, they transformed their living room into a workshop and started creating their hats from home. They design the hats by assessing the client’s personality and come up with a design that suits their face, height, body type and character.

    *Image source: Gulf News


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