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Edward Liddy

How is the CEO of American insurer, AIG, connected to the man building The World? And where does a Sarah Palin imitator fit in?

March 18, 2009 3:36 by

Richard Branson

“Sol Kerzner has been incredibly brave especially since Atlantis opened against all odds. This is not the best party of the decade. This is the best party of the last two decades,” said billionaire and owner of Virgin Atlantic, Richard Branson after arriving at the party.

Branson founded Virgin as a mail order retailer when he was 20-years-old. Over the years, he became more and more successful signing artists including Paula Abdul, Phil Collins, Janet Jackson and The Rolling Stones. He sold the Virgin Music Group, record labels, music publishing and recording studios, to EMI for $1 billion in 1992.

Branson claims to have a strong appetite for adventure and seeks to break world records. In 1986, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean by boat in the fastest recorded time ever. A year later, he crossed it again in the Virgin Atlantic Flyer, a hot air balloon. It was reportedly the first hot air balloon to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

In 2006, Branson planted the UK flag and staked his claim to Great Britain on the The World islands in Dubai, developed by Nakheel, which is managed by…


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