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Eight of the world’s ugliest cars

Having seen many beautiful cars during the recent Dubai Motorshow, here are some of the more questionable vehicles that made it to the public domain.

November 13, 2011 5:13 by

  • I know what you’re thinking. How could such a luxury/uber premium/Bond’s car ever make it on this list? We were surprised too. But guess what? When you’re boasting about being the best, your semi average attempt will be even more shameful than usual. How could the guys at Aston Martin, for example, have come out with this mediocre monstrocity? It was manufactured between 1974 and 1990 and 645 in total were produced. Maybe it was because they were under financial pressure that they had to revert to lukewarm remotely innovative designs. To top it off, the Lagoda’s supposed hi-tech features reportedly had a lot of technical errors, making it a failure both in design and technical capability. But of course this isn’t the pits. Click ahead to get deeper into the ugly track.

  • Another uber premium brand on the list. Yep, we’re givin’ it now. Made between 1986 and 1993 (these were terrible transition years all around from fashion to cars, I guess), the LM0002 is jaw-dropping—but not in a good way. Like a half-baked experiment mistakenly put for commercial production, this was the first 4-wheel drive model ever produced by Lamborghini and was the last of its military vehicle manufacturing project, called Cheetah. Only 301 of these babies were built (thank goodness). Lesson learned: stick to what you know best. You might say, well what about the Hummer. We say, Lamborghini should have known better.

  • You’re not seeing double. This car really does have two sets of headlamps, huge side windows and a windshield that would make a spaceship jealous. If a car is supposed to represent its owner, we shudder to think what this is supposed to say about owners of this mutated tadpole-looking car.

  • This next car is really pushing the question of choosing between style and substance—unless of course your choice of car was one that looked like it was an over-inflated cartoonish silver blob. The Aurora was built by Father Alfred A. Juliano (yes a priest) and is said to be the first experimental safety car. At $12,000, would you be willing to drive this around town?

  • We’re comforted by the fact that this is hardly seen on the roads now. It’s hard to comprehend the idea behind this Sebring-Vanguard creation, which is supposed to have been inspired by Club Car’s golf cart design. There must have been something in the air in Florida back in the 70s.

    To get a full view of this curiosity, check out this video:

  • The first of two Nissans on this list, the S-Cargo is a small commercial van. Its name was an intended double entendre to mean both ‘Small Cargo’ and the French word for snail, Escargot (somebody actually thought likening a vehicle to a snail would be a good thing). Production stopped in 1992, three years after it was launched. There are reportedly 12,000 of these cars running around the world. Believe it or not, there’s a Nissan S Cargo Van Club online!

  • Sold under Toyota’s US youth brand, Scion, the xB is a 5-door compact hatchback that we just wished somebody had taken back to the drawing board. Whether you’re talking about the first, second or third generation of these cars, it simply does not appeal to the eye.

  • If you want to be different, go ahead and do it. But if you do it with a Juke, don’t say anything when somebody tells you that driving around a Juke is a joke. At least not before park near a reflective building and look at yourself driving this mutation. We love Nissan for trying different things. Having two models on this list, it’s just bound to do something write after creating so much wrong.


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  1. Ofiroz on November 14, 2011 10:09 am

    Toyota’s scion xB is not an ugly car, it is the perception of individuals,Nissan’s Juke look like it came out straight from a Japanese cartoon series. Lamborghini’s 4×4 too not that bad to birth a place in Ugly list.
    I think Kip got to do something about slide show, it takes some time to go to next picture.

  2. p.deleon on November 14, 2011 10:40 am

    Thanks for the comment. We had some contention about some of the cars too! We are currently making plans to refresh the site so it’s easier and faster for Kippers to navigate through our site. And constructive comments like yours help motivate us to push this faster. Thanks!

  3. MK on November 14, 2011 11:47 am

    Who’s judging here?
    The first two cars (car&truck) should not be in this list!!!


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